Bedroom Kandi's Boutique Parties program is designed to help you earn and succeed in managing your own direct sales business! Read on for further details about the structure of our Empowerment Plan, and all the ways you can earn and make the most out of your consultantship with Bedroom Kandi.


Through commissions on sales! You can earn via:

  • Purchase discounts based on your retail sales
  • Additional commissions based on team sales
  • Bonuses, contests & more opportunities to earn extra!


Bedroom Kandi consultants start with a fantastic 40% Purchase Discount on their sales. However, depending on your sales (personal retail volume, or PRV), you can earn additional percentages to your purchase discount up to 60% total commission! (What is a Purchase Discount?)

Your STAR LEVEL bracket determines your purchase discount pecentage:


The team level you earn at is based on meeting 3 criteria:

•  Your number of Active Team Members

•  Your Team Sales Volume (including your personal sales)

•  Your monthly Personal Retail Volume minimum

Your Team Commissions are paid 3 lines deep. This means your team members (first line), your team members' team members (second line), and your team members' team members' team members (third line).



High-performing Bedroom Kandi Consultants can qualify for an extra $350-$500 per month with our LIFESTYLE BONUS to enjoy a lifestyle upgrade!

To qualify for the Lifestyle Bonus, consultants must: maintain qualifying team retail volume on all three levels, plus Diamond level leadership for three consecutive months to earn a payout:

  • $35k GRV + Diamond = $350 bonus
  • $75k GRV + Diamond = $375 bonus
  • $125k GRV + Diamond = $400 bonus
  • $150k GRV + Diamond = $450 bonus
  • $200k GRV + Diamond = $500 bonus


Leadership pays, when you make it in the Million Dollar Club!

Our Million Dollar Club consultants will be rewarded with a CASH BONUS at our annual Bedroom Kandi Convention! The cash bonus payouts are as follows, based on ANNUAL TEAM VOLUME:

½ Million ($500,000) → $500 Cash Bonus

¾ Million ($750,000) → $750 Cash Bonus

1 Million ($1,000,000) → $1,000 Cash Bonus

1 ½ Million ($1,500,000) → $1,500 Cash Bonus

2 Million ($2,000,000) → $2,000 Cash Bonus


Bedroom Kandi also provides contests, incentives, promotions, and giveaways where you can earn product credit, prizes, and more! Our Kandi's Kickstart program for new consultants features hundreds of dollars in incentives, and our charm program features beautiful custom charms that let you flaunt your accomplishments with style!

Beyond cash, perks and prizes, we also offer you respect and recognition. We highlight and appreciate your achievements with a monthly recognition newsletter, and an annual recognition celebration at our yearly Convention!